The Roberto Ocasio Foundation Latin Jazz Concert

Sine the Camp’s inception in 2005, it’s week-ending concert has been a tradition, starting as a small recital for families to learn about the unique Latin-jazz genre and observe the new skills learned by students. Through the years, the Concert has almost taken on a life of its own and has evolved into a free concert for the community, also creating a larger performance opportunity for the students and giving them major incentive to learn and rehearse a repertoire representing the genre’s most authentic, historical, and popular pieces as well as its composers and performers. With Bobby Sanabria’s direction (which includes verbal educational and historical information presented by Mr. Sanabria during the Concert), the students’ extraordinarily professional performances increasingly attract and amaze audiences. This experience adds value for the students musically and provides them world-class exposure as well as entertains and educates audiences. Renowned special guest artists spend select time during the week working with the students and typically perform the Concert with them.

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