The Roberto Ocasio Foundation

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

March 25, 2004

The Roberto Ocasio Foundation (TROF) was established in 2004 to memorialize and keep alive the music and philanthropic commitments of Roberto Ocasio, one of Cleveland’s most revered musicians, band leaders, music educators, and community leaders. In an effort to continue Roberto’s legacy and inspiration for young people, The Foundation provides musicians, organizes Latin and jazz-oriented concerts and events, and presents enlightening clinics, lectures, and demonstrations in addition to its signature project–the annual Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Camp. It is the only special niche high-school resident camp in the country that embodies both the culture and the music in this specific curriculum and setting to learn, perform, and experience this unique American-born art form, Latin Jazz.  Set on a college campus to plant the seed and encourage the goal of college or other higher learning, the Camp is for instrumental and percussion students (grades 8-12, all instruments) and is an unusual summer environment for students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds to learn the fundamentals of Latin-American rhythms and their relationship to jazz and all music. Minimal tuition and scholarships based on financial need ensure the Camp’s accessibility to all young people with basic music training. This educational and cultural experience, as well as the Camp’s Free public concert for the community, serves to build bridges between diverse people, creating friendships and cross-cultural understanding through the music


Post Camp Concert at Cleveland Institute of Music

2015 – Post Camp Concert at Cleveland Institute of Music. (L to R) Trustees: José Villanueva, Evelyn Ocasio, José Rivera, Bev Montie, Bobby Sanabria (Artistic Director/Artist-In-Residence), and Lorraine Vega (Sr. Vice President, Corporate Philanthropy—KeyBank Foundation-Retired).

The ultimate goal of The Roberto Ocasio Foundation is to perpetuate Roberto Ocasio’s music and to further his commitment to community.


The mission of The Roberto Ocasio Foundation is to support the following:

Projects and programs that promote learning and appreciation of all music, with particular emphasis on Latin music and its history.

Projects and programs that promote bringing diverse people together through music and cultural exchange.

Projects and programs that provide the means and inspiration for young people to reach their full personal, professional, and artistic potential.

Activities and venues through which Roberto’s music is presented for the enjoyment and happiness of people from all backgrounds.


James Brazytis
Marketing Communications Manager
Avery Dennison Corporation

Barry Gabel
Sr. Vice President of Marketing & Creative Services
LiveNation / House of Blues

Nathan Haskell, Esq.
Attorney, Leonard & Ferzola Co., Ltd.

Beverly A. Montie
President, The Roberto Ocasio Foundation
Executive Director, The Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Music Camp

Evelyn Ocasio (Mrs. Roberto Ocasio)
Patient Account Representative, SOS Group

José Rivera
Vice President, KeyBank (Retired)

Eileen Torres
President–Eileen Torres Productions

Susan B. Stone
Director of Education/Events Coordinator–Tri-C JazzFest (Retired)

Honorable José A. Villanueva (Retired)
Judge, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas

Bobby Sanabria, Honorary Trustee
Musician, Composer, Director, Recording Artist, Educator (NY Manhattan School of Music/New School Univ.)
Chairman, TROF Artistic Advisory Committee
Artistic Director/Artist-In-Residence, The Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Music Camp


Eradin Berrios, Financials
Branch Mgr., KeyBank
Jay T. Hairston,
World Music Genre and TROF Program Assessment
Asst. Dean of Students/Dir. ACES–Baldwin Wallace University (Retired)
Attorney Anna Kelberg Kim, Community & Culture
Laura McShane, Community & Ethnic Neighborhoods
Children’s Librarian-Cleveland Public Library
Attorney Michael Reyes, Business–Latin Music Industry & Artists
Reyes & Associates, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Randall Schuster, Sacramento—West Coast Development & Student Recruitment
Professor—Design Technology; American River College, Sacramento, CA
David Amram, Member TROF Artistic Advisory Committee
Legendary Composer, Performer, Multi-Instrumentalist—classical, jazz, Latin genres

Barry Gabel Commemoration

Barry Gabel Commemoration — The 2004 FREE TIMES Music Awards
Barry (Live Nation) was a great fan of Roberto’s and was deeply touched by the tragic loss. Barry was the first to offer his enthusiastic support of The Roberto Ocasio Foundation and serves on its Board of Trustees