CD “Algo Para Ti” 2001 by Roberto Ocasio.
Song, “Algo Para Ti” (Something Just for You) composed and arranged by Roberto Ocasio. Lyrics by Roberto Ocasio, Freddie Carrion, and David Gonzalez. Roberto Ocasio (piano), Freddie Carrion (bongos, percussion, lead vocals), Neil Chastain (drums, percussion, timbales), Rey Cintron (congas, timbales, percussion), David Gonzalez (bass, vocals), Nate Haskell (trumpet), Dave Kochis (tenor, alto, baritone saxes), Jim Roosa (trombone).


CD “Algo Para Ti” 2001 by Roberto Ocasio.
Song, “Chao’s Groove”
composed/arranged by Roberto Ocasio. Roberto Ocasio (keyboards), Rey Cintron (congas, timbales, percussion), David Gonzalez (bass).


CD “Afro-Cuban Dream Live & In Clave!!!” – Bobby Sanabria Big Band
2001 Grammy-Nominated “Best Latin Jazz Album of the Year”
Song, “Mosscode” composed/arranged by Michael Phillip Mossman
Music by permission of Bobby Sanabria

“Mike Mossman is one of the premier trumpeters in the world of jazz, and our association goes back to when we were members of the Mario Bauzá Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra.  Mike used to constantly ask me questions about clave in composing and arranging in the style.  He eventually became chief arranger for Mario.  Mosscode explodes with the progressive sound of Be-Bop harmony fused with the complexity of Afro-Cuban rhythm. The melody is in 3/2 clave with an odd grouping of bars in the interlude in order to facilitate a smooth transition to 2/3 clave for the solos.  After the drum solo, another odd number of bars in the horn solo announces the change back to 3/2 for the melody.  This type of complex clave counterpoint was first pioneered by the Machito Afro-Cubans in the 1940s by their chief arranger and pianist Rene Hernandez, another unsung genius of our music.  The tune is an homage to Shaw Nuff, the Dizzy 1942 composition signaling the birth of Bop.  If you know morse code, the rhythm played by the horns after the drum solo has a hidden message: ‘may the people of the earth learn to live in peace’ … a message Dizzy preached all his life.”

— Bobby Sanabria



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