Basic general music skills of 8th grade level and above are required for application to The Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Camp.  Jazz and Latin music background are not required but will be helpful to your Camp learning experience.

Audition through video footage is required in order to assess your skills and level of playing.  This knowledge of each student is shared with our Artistic Director/Artist-In-Residence and faculty prior to Camp to facilitate our program planning and to prepare instructors to best teach and assist you.  You will also be asked to briefly share your playing skills and written music knowledge during Camp Registration activities.

Please videotape your audition, upload it to YouTube, and provide the link to us (here’s how to find the link to share) in the application form. For more information on how to upload to YouTube, click here. This must be available by the final student Camp application deadline.  Following are instructions:

Horn, Piano, Bass Players:  Please play a blues number and solo over it.  Also play El Manicero (The Peanut Vendor) available in the Latin Real Book.

Drummers & Percussionists:  Please play at least two Afro-Cuban rhythms of your choosing and also play one snare drum piece.

Vocalists:  If you have vocal skills and would like to use them in addition to participating with your primary instrument, please videotape 3 items — sing a blues, any jazz ballad, and Besame Mucho.

Also note these downloadable music charts for your use:

Trumpet in B flat
Tenor Saxophone
Clarinet in B flat
Baritone Saxophone
Alto Saxophone
Unnamed treble staff
If you have questions, please call us at 440.572.2048.