The Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Camp

Endorsed by Maestros David Amram, Candido Camero, Eddie Palmieri and Jorge Santana


“Every public school, college music, social studies, and history department and every conservatory should have a course on this music and history.  And maybe someday they will….CLEVELAND (and every place else Bobby Sanabria goes) DOES, so I am happy and honored to be a part of this great Camp. The soulful, SOPHISTICATED, spiritual brilliant music that these artists who created what we call Latin Jazz has a long and distinguished history, and a new generation is adding to the music today!!”
— David Amram

World-acclaimed classical, jazz, Latin and world-music composer, conductor, multi-instrumentalist and first NY Philharmonic composer in residence.
(Member, Ocasio Foundation Artistic Advisory Board)           


“The work they are doing with these wonderful young music students at the Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Camp is tremendous! I want Afro-Cuban music to be preserved and passed on to generations, and it is in  extra good hands with Bobby and the Camp.”
— “Candido” Camero
Legendary Conguero and NEA Jazz Master
(Member, Ocasio Foundation Artistic Advisory Board)       


“I have had the great pleasure to attend the Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Camp. Witnessing firsthand the musical exchange between Bobby Sanabria and his students, the guidance and sincere approach through his knowledge  are very rewarding to me. The Cleveland community is blessed to have this Music Camp [a unique program  endorsed for young students from everywhere to come study Latin jazz].”
— Eddie Palmieri
NEA Jazz Master; 10x Grammy® winner; recipient of Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Lifetime Achievement Award ; inductee into the U.S. Library of Congress National Recording Registry and Smithsonian National Museum of American History Archives; and numerous other prestigious recognitions.

“I had the special opportunity to attend and perform with the music students at The Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Camp. The talent, discipline, and love for the music was already inside every young musician.  I felt they were already touched by the magic of the music and the magic of expression.  My sincere thank you to Bobby Sanabria for sharing his music and talents with these artists and for inviting me to witness a new generation of brilliant musicians.”
— Jorge Santana
Legendary Latin Rock Guitarist.  Leader of The Jorge Santana Band.  Founding co-leader of “Malo” (popular 70’s San Francisco-based international Latin-rock-band) and formerly Carlos Santana Management team/head of artist relations and touring guitarist with the Carlos Santana Band.

bobbyBobby Sanabria — Camp Artistic Director / Artist-In-Residence
Honorary Trustee, The Roberto Ocasio Foundation
Chairman, Ocasio Foundation Artistic Advisory Board

“If jazz is America’s art form, then Latin jazz is the greatest art form of all the Americas—North America, the Caribbean, and South America. Born in New York City in 1939 with the Machito Afro-Cubans, the first band to successfully wed Afro-Cuban rhythms with jazz arranging technique, the Latin jazz continuum is the birth rite of being an American citizen. In an age where all of the arts have been cut across the board in our educational system, The Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Camp fights to maintain and spread this uniquely American art form in order that it may inspire, nurture, educate, and contribute to the fabric of American Society.”
— Bobby Sanabria
World–renowned drummer/percussionist, composer, director, band leader, and 7x Grammy®-nominated recording artist.



“I am wrapping up my college applications, going into audition season, and I would just like to thank you for all you, Bobby, and the Roberto Ocasio Foundation have done for me. I recorded one of my prescreens for Juilliard and MSM as a mambo, and I realized that the reason I knew what I was doing and was able to play it musically rather than just a written out beat was because of the knowledge I gained through the Latin Jazz Camp. Sadly I couldn’t make it this past year, but I hope I can make it back this coming summer. Thank you so much for giving me and many other students like me the opportunities you guys give, and helping expose us to the art form that is Afro-Cuban jazz.”– Jarred Chase, drum student

“…congratulations and thanks for your efforts this past week.  The final results were nothing short of superlative.  There was a lot of learning that took place for everyone throughout the week. In short, this is the best aspect of the camp.  It is an ineffable learning experience. Kids are being positively transformed by this camp. It was an honor being part of such a worthy endeavor.– M. Reyes, parent & Camp volunteer, Milwaukee, WI

“This year’s edition (2016) was above and beyond all expectations, which were very high to begin with.  Between playing at the ballgame, appearing on FOX 8, meeting and playing with the Jazz Ambassadors, gigging at the Bop Stop, and of course having a whole week of Bobby’s personal attention to prepare for the final concert, I cannot imagine a school year worth of study that could provide the benefit that these students got in one week….the Davis students have done nothing but gush praise on the camp since they got back. Please know that for all of the difficulties of putting this program together, I know that the students thought everything went smoothly and that it was effortless … a sign of a great production team!”– Randy Schuster, parent & volunteer; Davis, CA

“The Roberto Ocasio Latin Jazz Camp brought me together with other musicians and taught me how to play with a Latin vibe. This Camp is a total Latin Jazz immersion experience, and by the end of the Camp, I gain a great deal of knowledge and new skills from amazing instructors. It was in this Camp, two years ago when I met my friends with whom we formed Mixed Elements Band: all members of the band are my age and are outstanding musicians. We have been playing, writing, and recording music together since then. The Camp is very well organized, and we always have excellent accommodations. I really enjoy the special occasions when we get to learn salsa, go to jazz concerts, and perform on the last day of Camp in a big auditorium. I only wish the Camp was longer than 1 week.”– Nathan Kim, piano/keyboard student

“….The final performance was outstanding! Nate has been raving about how much this camp enhanced his musicianship! We very much appreciate everything you do; starting from basic organization to surviving the last day of camp.”– Anna Kelberg Kim, parent

“Alex had another great year at camp – he loved it, and he says always learns so much from Bobby! Also, he said that David Amram “was amazing.” Alex will be back next year, and I guess that will be his final since he will be a senior this fall. His father and I are very grateful, because we know that dedication and hard work are what make this camp possible.” – E. Schmidt, parent of drum/piano student

Camp FREE Latin Jazz Concert–Some Audience Comments:
“Overall a marvelous, educational experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful talent….” —
“The kids played great. Hard to believe that they’ve only played as a band a short time. They sounded like a well-seasoned band.” — “Bobby’s educational interludes were much appreciated.” — “Love the historical presentation of the music!” — “Great program, really enjoyed it.” — “Excellent Show! Hope you can continue to do this for many years.” — “This is my favorite musical event in Cleveland. I look forward to it every year; I work with K-12 student population and personally know students who benefit from this.” — “I loved it! Fantastic!! This is my fourth concert, wouldn’t miss it!” — “Fantastic! What an outstanding program! Thank you! Educational, fun! Exceptional performance!” — “I looooved the program!!! Thank you!!” — “Color is beautiful. Keep up the great work. I really enjoyed seeing our young adults doing something positive. Music keeps the peace!!!” — “What an exceptional night, Wow!! My 7th grade musicians are inspired by this!” — “Thank you for an inspirational evening. It was wonderful being part of a group that could all enjoy the moment together. The young performers are a marvelous sign of hope for our country. The Army men “make Love” not war. Thank you truly.”